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Olan Montgomery, sometimes called only Olan,[1], is an American pop-artist notable for his pop-art portraits of both celebrities and unknown people[2], social issues[3][4],[5]such as hate crimes[6] and vietnam[7] He is notable for his depictions of the Gay party scene as well[8][9][10]. The artist published a collection of his portraits and party scene art works in a booked entitled 'POP Art inspired by New York's own subcultures from celebrity to subway something more through color & light'[11][12][13]. He employs a technique where he transfers his own photographs to canvas, in order to embue photographic portraits with color. He created several notable works of actors including Alan Cumming who included the artist in several of his Art Parties[14].

'MTV made comment when 'Courtney Love purchased a portrait of herself by Olan[15], 'Courtney Love invested in some new art recently — a portrait of herself. New York artist Olan — who has also created mixed-media portraits of Kelly Osbourne, Anne Hathaway, Rufus Wainwright and Boy George — said in a statement that "It is the greatest gift for an artist's work to speak to its subject, and I am honored by Ms. Love's response to my work of her." Several of the artists portraits of Courtney Love appeared in a featured interview with the celebrity in 'Heeb magazine[16],[17],[18].

Village Voice art critic Michael Musto described the artist as "upping the subculture".[19] He is based in New York but was born in Georgia.[19]

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Early life

Olan was born in Georgia in 1963 and raised in both Georgia and California. He is the son of American artist Eslye Moore [20][21]. Olan attended Columbia College in the early 80's where also began doing makeup and hair[22][23] for Elite Models and traveling to Italy. Olan has continued to do makeup and hair for over two decades in fashion working for Vogue Italia, Vogue Sposa, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Seventeen, Lancombe, Revlon, Avon, Halston, W, WWD, Interview and Cosmopolitan with photographers Francesco Scavullo[24][25],Robert Mapplethorpe[26][27], Chuck Baker[28],Christopher von Hoenberg[29],Gilles Larrain[30], Andrea Blanch[31], Antoione Verglas, Deigo Uchitel, Javier Vallhonrat[32][33][34] along with noted celebrities Guns N' Roses[35], Taylor Dayne[36], Peabo Bryson[37], Linda Evangelista[38], Stephanie Seymour[39], Hunter Reno[40], Rebecca Brussard[41], Elizabeth Saltzman[42], Sally Kirkland[43] and The Four Tops[44].



In his art Olan transfers his own photographs to canvas, in order to embue photographic portraits with color. Recently, Olan has branched out into model photography in addition to his current art and fashion projects[45][46][47] [48].

Olan is represented by Gallery 50, in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. His 2009 Exhibition "R.E.H.O.B.O.T.H. - Rays Every Heart Observes By Oceans Through Heaven" included over 100 works of art celebrating his love for the Rehoboth Beach community. [49]. During that exhibition Olan hosted a benefit for AIDS Delaware, which went on to become an annual event held at the gallery. [50]

In 2010, Olan appeared as a stylist on episode 2 "Hanging With the Big Boys" of Logo's reality series, The A-List: New York. The series, frequently described as a "Real Housewives"-style show[51]

Currently the artist is doing a series about the children of Haiti entitled 'Statistic No More", an art collaboration with his sister-in-law Elizabeth Moore who was in Haiti with her adopted daughter Lily at the time of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.



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